Monday, October 4, 2010

aaaaaand i'm back!: track and show?

sorry about the extreme lag, i've been busy with school and household tasks over the weekend- i havent even really touched my computer for that time. so i'm going to start out with a collection of pictures is pulled from japan's wheelwright, where they had a meet involving double meanings:DSC_0372_
(via wheelwright)
okay, so this says track and show right? so i think these people didnt get the "track" part right:
purple r32...? part of me is excited, part of me is disgusted....
scion tc 2 door carolla with track bikes commuter bikes. LOL FALE. (as you can see, i'm not a fan of the jdm...)DSC_0380_
this is pretty rad. an insight with a 26" bmx. the geo isnt a DJ i think.... whatever, the car is still a hybrid making this setup all kinds of wierd and awesome.DSC_0379_
that's all kinds of baddass. gotta love the euro.


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