Thursday, September 23, 2010

macaraleigh? raleighframa?: macaframa raleigh rush hour pro

(via prolly)
people were devastated when the raleigh rush hour pro suddenly disappeared much like the bianchi pista concept. if youre familiar with the 07 model, you know that there's something missing: that aerodynamic foil from the seat tube to the seat stays. that noted, this could be the return of the rush hour pro we've all been waiting for. mike giant apparently went and put the trans am. building on the tt and a california st cable car on the ht, all wrapped in the classic logos all in the right places. it's funny though, i know EXACTLY what bike those wheels came off of. they're polished imd's with a radial laced non drive side, and if youve been to iminusd, youve seen these wheels on a bike that rhymes with "hash spaghetti".

i'm hoping this bike comes back, but then again, it has rainiers name on the top tube, telling me it may be a one off...


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