Thursday, September 23, 2010

why someone didnt think of this, i dont know: specialized fixed/free 9t

(via slumworm)
this will rock the fixed gear world. a 14mm axle (over 3/8) that can run pegs without a solid axle, and a 9 tooth cog? where do i buy? the cool thing about this, is that it's a 9t freewheel hub that can be bolted down to be fixed. WHAT? NO ONE THOUGHT OF THAT? all this time we couldve been running 52 x 9's!!! could you imagine the potential (okay, well... no one would run such a daft ratio, but who cares! 52 x 9!!!!)? but let's face it, this is meant for fixed freestyle and whoever will be running this most likely has a bmx sprocket, and it opens up the possibilities of smaller sprockets like the madera splined sprocket that comes in 25t. i mean, bmx bikes have been running small ratios with 9t hubs for quite some time, and it's about time there was a solution to the small tooth cog thing.

keep posted on the development of the hub over at slum!



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