Wednesday, September 15, 2010

just what i needed: Seabase vs Stelvio

SEABASE vs STELVIO from YUHZIMI Ltd. on Vimeo.

so i know youve probably seen this bfore on the other blogs, but i have to put my 2 cents in. this is what we're missing. i always love the constant pursuit of that one hill- the agonizing ride up a hill and the epic pay back going down one. patrick seabase did the same thing except he did it on a hill thats a little bigger and a little more epic than most. i recall seeing this particular road on top gear where the blokes were arguing which supercar was best. they had it a little easier, but they probably didnt get the adrenaline rush that patrick did. clipless pedals, carbon frame, all black- his machine was probably the best one for the task. this is nothing short of amazing.

more hill bombing, more track bikes, more dudes like seabase.


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