Wednesday, September 15, 2010

grassroots: iminusd x holdfast

(via IMD)
iminusd is everywhere. hold fast frs' are everywhere. put both together, and you get this. both shop and company have been independently owned and both have a pretty good foothold of the fixed freestyle world. imd came out strong and quickly became recognized worldwide, and holdfast came out and is considered as THE single fat strap FRS that started it all. and realize that this occured within a matter of a couple of years. whenever i go back home i always stop by imd, and because it's in my home town, it makes me happy to see that it has grown to become what it is today. support my local bike shop, as well as a great homegrown company by getting a pair here!

and shout to mark and the rest of the SJF crew for being downright supportive of the community in san jose!


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