Tuesday, September 14, 2010

let it fly: baileyworks flag series

(via urbanvelo, but you already knew that)
first off, i'd like to thank urbanvelo for re-posting my schmiel about back to school tips. i've been getting mixed reactions, but i'm just one guy and its not like i'm a huge authority, it's just a post (that really needs to be re-edited... after seeing the comments and such) . that being said, urbanvelo shows us the baileyworks prototype flag series. baileyworks recently moved hands, but will hopefully retain their reputation as one of the best handmade bags out there. oh, and it's still being produced in Portsmouth NH too! retailing at about 150, you really cant beat that, especially knowing baileywork's craft.

reminds me of those dudes at soccer football games with flags draped around their backs. sounds like fun.


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