Thursday, September 30, 2010

and now for something completely different: chrome's interbike stuff

chrome has a niche. if you think about it, the value is phenomenal- a USA made bag (and made in chico, CA! yay CHICOOOOO! for those who dont know, i'm currently in chico for school)
that's under $150 (the citizen) with a warranty. it's been tried true,
and tested. their new offerings are the sherman, the brigadier, and the
this is the sherman, it's an interesting little bag, and really goes away from the standard bags they currently make. in theory, this is really a bag meant for those who are weekend racers. instead of hauling all your stuff in a wheel bag or a messenger bag, it's all separated and put into it's p
lace. it's really dope, since i cant think of any other similar bags that can do what the sherman does. this one will run for about $190 bones.
(via urbanvelo)
these last two are the brigadier and the yalta (respectively). knowing that a messenger bag may not be the best solution to alot of commuters, a backpack is the other obvious choice. the yalta has a built in padded laptop compartment which is reallly nifty, and the brigadier is so big it could be used as a duffle bag (see that strap in the middle?). the brigadier and the yalta will be set at $140 and $120 respectively, which is a crazy value considering their other backpack offerings.


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