Thursday, September 30, 2010

every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man: 2011 leader catalogue

(via matt lingo)
matt's imagery is everywhere. whether it's a hardcore band or DJ Mull being Andrew WK, matt's photos are nothing short of fantastic. now, when faced with the task of  shooting the catalogue for leader, he could have gone with the usual "tough guy" lighting, his signature "zombie urban haze", or maybe even go as far as to put some guns in the mix. instead he went with a business-casual vibe. that's insanely apt since you and i were probably thinking of seeing tyler johnson hucking his shadow out of RAEGGG. the result was this totally unexpected refined, cleanliness that really is something out of the ordinary of what his work is as well as what urban fixed gear riding is all about. maybe i'm getting to artsy fartsy, but think about it- fixed gear riding is chaotic and risky and not meant to be a fashion statement (well, to most). all i know is, these snaps came out sooooo clean. find out more about the thought process at matt's blog.

good stuff matt!


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