Thursday, September 30, 2010

steroid steak: that bastard 'berto.

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it was in the beef. HOW WOULD THAT REALLY HAPPEN? i imagine that he mistook the salt shaker with the roid shaker. and another idea is that they put in pills so it was like a chocolate chip cookie but rather a roid pill steak. DELICIOSO. all we know is the steak came from spain which seems highly irrelevant. apparently it's common, but seriously, youre the disputed world champion and youre not eating food that comes from a cow that was massaged 3 days a week and lived in the fields of organically grown grass with no additives whatsoever? HA. with the odds of 100 people out of the whole population of spain getting the tainted beef and coming up with a steroid steak it seems a little unrealistic.

really, i'm not buying it. but i really would like to see shleck end up with the title. lost it by 39 seconds, and a dropped chain- i think he deserves it. john covered the issue, fyxo covered the issue, but my fav is the tracko description:

(via tracko)
great use of the word "hella" see the NYT commentary here.

at least lace your steak with cocaine... (TOM BOONEN...LOL)


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