Thursday, August 5, 2010

this is how your bike currently looks, this is how should be looking.

okay, so i admit it- i did have a picture from the daisy duke photoshoot on fyxo as my desktop bg for the longest time. but what can i say? i'm a sucker for that. i'm also a sucker for properly beaten bikes. i.e:

(via fyx)
this is how your bike currently looks like. sure it's not a nago Olympic master, but it still has the original paint. in five years (if used properly), your bike will/should look like this:

that's metal to the point where it gets mental- that's fucking sick. it's an amazing "FUCK YOU" to all the purists out there. it's like getting a pair of tiffs and going into the hippest hypebeast bar and blasting a treflip whilst yelling "FUCK YOU IM A BEEEAAAAAST". damn that thing looks like it's been ridden ridiculously hard. see moarrrrr here.

congratulations, you're a bad mother fucker.


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