Thursday, August 5, 2010

finally, a felt that i would ride that's not a : the TK4130

(via urbanvelo)
always a fan of fit and finish, i was disappointed when i saw the extremely douchebag inducing 2010 felt fixed gear line up. let's be honest here, they all looked cheap and they probably all sucked except for their steel brougham- that's the only one i wouldve set my ass on. for the next lineup, felt is looking back to the good ol' days of track racing- all the details included. wheels that look like wood (but not the velocity ones that everyone seems to have/want), a stem with built in spacers (that may backfire...) classy as fuhhh looking track cranks, and a brooks style seat. i love it; it's actually one of those machines that in this point in time might set you away from all those tarck/fgfs setups everyone seems to have nowadays. oh, and i'm guessing it's made from 4130 cro-mo judging by the name...

lets bring over bar skids back!


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