Thursday, July 23, 2009

felt's 2010 urban lineup: the abomination of the 3 speed fixed gear hub.

so i used to have this silly obession over really clean bikes. i recall first seeing the 2008 felt curbside thinking that that was how i wanted my bike to end up. then i came to my senses. anyway, urban velo posted up the lineup this morning and i'm a little sketched out. let's take a look shall we?
first and foremost is the curbside:

when this came out, this became the most "ooooohh-ed and aaaaaah-ed" bike out there. it was a solid show of what was super sought after- but it was f*cking expensive. this generation doesnt disappoint, yeah it's still expensive at $699

this is the dispatch, which is supposed to be the mid level urban track bike. what kinda irks me is the fact that it runs the same wheels i do as well as the same fsa vero cranks- ig youre ognna pay $699 for a bike- it should have better components...
next, there's the gridloc:

here's what UV had to say:

"The most striking of the bunch is the Gridloc (shown above) which features the Sturmy Archer SX3 three-speed fixed gear hub. The frame is 7005 series aluminum with rack, fender and brake mounts, shifter cable routing and machined track fork ends with steel inserts. Finishing touches include a bolt on 15mm wrench, hub shiners and a suede Selle San Marco saddle."

that paint job is way too poppy: it's bound to get stolen. those deep v wheels and shiny cranks just scream "STEAL ME STEAAAALLLL MEEE!" hmmm wit why are theyre three cables? three brakes? after reading up i came upon this phrase:"[it] features the Sturmy Archer SX3 three-speed fixed gear hub". let me reiterate: THREE SPEED FIXED GEAR HUB. what? okay okay okay i thought the whole idea of fixed gear riding was one gear one love. three gear is just wrong. then all you have is a shiftable fixed gear. think about it THE REASON WHY PEOPLE LIKE FIXED GEARS IS BECAUSE YOU HAVE THE SIMPLICITY AND CLEANLINESS AND PURITY OF OOOOOONNE GEAR. a big reason as to why people migrated to this movement is because they loved the simplicity and loved taking that step back to an older yet very refined form of cycling. creating a three speed fixed gear is just too much technology for a fixed gear. and just because there are two more gears doesnt mean that people will appreciate it more.

thankfully, they make it up in the brougham:

thank god. it just has that "swagger"... mismatched deep vs that compliment the raw steel ( but with clearcoat for protection), lugged frame but with modern components- i have to admit, and i hate to admit i love this bike. at $499 it's a little high, but awesome regardless.

so felt has a hit and a handful of misses. three speed fixed gear- FEH!


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