Monday, August 16, 2010

se's 2011 lineup

let's be frank here, you currently know someone who has started on an se lager at one point in his or her fixed gear life. i still ride my almost three year old 2008 lager. it's hard to believe i havent beat that thing to the ground (i mean, it's a cookie cutter frame with a nice paintjob). these offerings will be available by october:

the draft is the entry level fixed gear offering, with brake braze-ons, and a basic crankset. in their previous incarnations they utilized an american bb, but this year almost all of the setups run a euro bb. i expect it to be a hi-ten frame as well.

draft lite
doing things differently this year is the draft lite. unlike the (now) base model draft, the lite takes away the brake bosses, adds high flange hubs, and a better looking crankset. i believe these will be hi-ten as well.

straight out of 2008, the se lager is coming on strong with deep v's, a classic looking crankset (i believe they're lascos), rando's, a turbo lookin' seat, and bullhorns. lest we forget the top tube pad. same stuff, different color.

the PK ripper
the pk ripper has undergone alot of changes- none of them we really want. the want we really want, is this to be FREAKIN' STEEL. regardless of that STUPID FLAW, the ripper comes with the new 700c landing gear, polished chukkers (i have a story about mine, but that's for a later time), SE's new bmx cranks as well as chainwheel, a bmx stem, and a better looking crossbar handlebar setup. the gusset got beefier, but who cares- the thing is aluminum.

(all pics from here.)

i think se is hiding some things- for one, their better offering, the premium brew isn't a part of this list. that worries me. i recall wanting one since it had all the classic styling without being classic. and it was the color of sierra nevada, and since i'm an unofficial chicoan i loves me some sierra. and you have to agree that their second incarnation resembled freaking keystone. the 2010 setup was...meh, and im not expecting a 2011 one. oh, and where the hell is the se x uvt? you'd think that since the whole fgfs thing is booming right now, that they would have a sense of urgency to release the thing. *shruggs* but i gotta say, that big ripper (29 inch solid fork offering) looks RIDICULOUS FUN.



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