Monday, August 16, 2010

holy wide angle batman: boikzmoind raw footage @ the newport drome

before you switch this on, i suggest flipping on a song on your itunes- there's no sound.
Newport Velodrome - BÖIKZMÖIND Raw footage from JamFactory on Vimeo.

wooden tracks are the best looking structures one can build in my opinion. this batch of footage comes from the guys at trackdropouts representing bristol fixed gear to the fullest. from their point of view, everything still revolves around the track bike (whereas other places in the world have become heavily influenced by the fixed freestyle scene). it's heartwarming to see some track drops every once in a while, as well as silly events like the bristol hillycat ("a vomit inducing clusterfuck involving you, your fixed wheel bicycle, assorted unseemly hipsters and several of bristol's steepest, most revolting cols" sounds like a box of fun for the legs written all over it). all this filming is for the BÖIKZMÖIND project which is set to release in early 2011.


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