Tuesday, August 17, 2010

massive video post: people at places.

Teppei a.k.a NASTY Lowangleworks_KR from Lowangleworks_KR on Vimeo.

not that long ago, teppei (who goes by the moniker NASTY) was in seoul, south korea. while in south korea, lowangleworks got some great footage of NASTY tearing up some spots (which i have to say, are really conveniently ride-able). and yes, that was a 540 cab (for those who dont know, it's a fakie in, 360+180; so you and facing forward) right before the minute mark. nose to sliders like nothing.

The Crest Creepers From the Bay to LA from Michael Chacon on Vimeo.

looks like chacon, jamil, jakob and squeeks got together and produced this edit. all of them have such a distinctive style- chacon integrates spinny tricks so well, jakob's got crazy air, squeeks is the shit period (he busted a 540 in this, and he has this footjam pivot that's sick too), and jamil goes pretty pig as well. california goes hella hard.

~@Hurley Compound Park Session from Fixed LovE on Vimeo.

2 se's and a leader mordecai. matt, gus, and the wizard for some reason found themselves at the hurley compound. this ensued. actually, this edit shows that new leader mordecai in action (matt's ride). ~@fuck yea indeed.


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