Thursday, August 19, 2010

chari n co n in n out burger shirt

(via chari)
sometimes wearing a bike related shirt while riding a bike makes you feel like a tool; like wearing a jersey on a track bike with risers (it's maaaad i tell you, maaaad). at least chari and co know that and carefully hid all of the bike related things (yeah, you thought it was just a burger....) on the back, and included their reflective strip for safety at night. this is only made more rad  seeing who's modeling this fine piece of apparel:
its funny, because the logo is in japanese (in true chari fashion), chari is from the east coast, but in n out is a west coast only chain. like how we on the west coast have no idea what a whitecastle looks like or really tastes like....

but whatever it is, in n out is the shiiiiiiiiiit... especially when... well you know..

this happens.

its magical.


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