Saturday, August 21, 2010

the best things happen when i'm out: profile elite race sprocket

(via profile)
yesterday marked the day that i got all my crap together to bring up north and i had no time to pump out posts.  so when i saw this thing this morning i flipped out.  this is the profile elite splined sprocket- yet another alternative to the tree sprocket everyone is running. but this time around, the sprocket is 3/32 and comes in bigass teeth counts. but then again, it's a sprocket that's meant to go forward only and not really designed for abuse outside of racing, so i imagine that my use or the use that all of you are thinking about is completely out of warranty status... but hey, if youre a weight weenie, this is up your alley (which brings up the question of why would you be running bmx cranks if youre a weight weenie?)

i just like the way it looks. can you guys make a polished one please?


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