Wednesday, August 18, 2010

back to bassett: bassett track sprints tomorrow!

(via sjf)
thought i had posted this a while back, but i guess it slipped my mind. the last time i went to sprints, i had track cranks, and a crappy camera. this time out, i have bmx cranks, and a mediocre camera. that being said, i'm gonna try to make it out. here's the fb page too. there will also be a ride from the san jose state fountain to the "track" (it's a rarely used road, but it's the bassett track to the rest of us) at 6:30. the grand prize for the sprints is a 2010 leader 725tr- but i warn you, you HAVE to bring your a-game. some of these dudes run hellyer, and i heard prado is bringing his ALL CARBON TESCHNER. yeah, shit gets intense at the bassett track.


//edit// those that show ill get a spoke card that's good for a 10% discount on any purchase over $20 at iminusd or at least, that's what i heard.

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