Monday, July 12, 2010

my secret obession: the 1993 cannondale track.

(via donalrey)
maybe it was the slight pursuit geo. maybe it was because of the smooth welds. maybe it was the way that the for was made so the front wheel got gnarly close to the downtube. maybe it was the fact that it was a cannondale. maybe it was that unmistakable blue. maybe it was that american flag and the made in the usa decal.

i would sleep with that frame. i would have breakfast with that frame. i love the cannondale track. not the capo. the track. not the caad track with the racecar paintjob. THE track. when you see one you KNOW thats a fucking cannondale track. seriously, there's nothing like the cannondale track. there were never any wannabes or lookalikes, just the goddamn cannondale track. you can whizz by roadies, mountainbikers- any cyclist and they will go "that's a cannondale" and if you cant tell, gtfo....

i want one. so bad. anyone have one they would like to give up?

one day...


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voidware said...

Mine just got hit terminally while locked to a street sign> The end of an era>