Sunday, July 11, 2010

cruising on a sunday: corey, matt, zach, jruff, the butcher, sean, and ronnie.

i woke up really lazy this morning, but i saw that i had a couple things holding up my computer so i might as well smash them all together.

Sesh from City Grounds on Vimeo.

looks like a dope spot. matt's 180 to long slider was pretty sick and i dont know why, but i thought that last bit by corey looked cool as well, i know it's only a skid to a drop, but i thought it was cool. and plus, no one skids anymore... ha

ZLOG crew day out from chris clappe on Vimeo.

jruff, the butcher and zach? must be the zlog dudes. damn that tv part couldve gone epicly wrong, but they pulled it. oh and zach pisses in the corner in this one. yuh-hup.

Sean Coats' Bike Check and Quickie from Sean Coats on Vimeo.

sean cracked his frame. i dont know how, but all through this edit it stayed in tact. BREAK THAT SHIIIIIIT!

407fixedgear : Ronnie Govoruhk from Antimo on Vimeo.

i recall watching a teaser edit for this a while back and i have to say the end result came out nice. ronnie's got bars dialed like the one at 1:44, that drop at 3:55 is sketch, and wait til the end. HOBOS!!!

hope the weekend is going smooth everyone!

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