Monday, July 5, 2010

maybe they got it right the first time: keo's urbis

(via the-sleepers)
i've seen very little of the urbis since it showed up as an idea for redline in 09. i had alot of criticisms after i found out it was dual 650c (link is about the traitor 650 bmx, but relates to the subject) . obviously i did not foresee the coming of dual 26", and well- now the urbis has found purpose. maybe redline got it right the first time. all they need to do now is widen that rear up to accommodate wider tires. ace boogie got a closer look at keo curry's urbis (if you remember, keo rode a 925 for redline ads). currrently, he's in the process of redesigning it since the flurry of 650c hate came around when it showed up. but i have to say, if this comes out, redline will have a pretty solid fgfs base. it's quite odd that something they probably didn't anticipate works to their advantage.

get a production urbis out redline! and go check out the-sleepers, good stuff on there.

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