Saturday, September 19, 2009

redline's fixed freestyle offering: the urbis

now that interbike, more and more leaks are coming from bike companies:
(via urbanvelo)
say hello the the urbis from redline. if your head has been in a hole and have no clue who redline is, theyre deeply rooted in bmx and their current fixed gear offering is the 925 (you may have seen keo curry on one). now like every other company that is putting out a fixed gear offering, redline is following the trend of putting out a fixed freestyle specific bike. looks like redline is doing their homework: clearance for big tires, a BMW like geometry, and those dope as f*ck riser handlebars with a crossbrace. oh and it has a disc brake (like i say, we cant win 'em all). with redline being redline, i see this being an inexpensive (not cheap, but inexpensive, there's a difference) as well as solid bicycle. cant wait to hear about all the specs when interbike rolls around....


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