Tuesday, July 6, 2010

where's ted?: tak's ad for COG mag, grime and all.

(via affinity)
if you still dont know who ted shred is, especially when you hear me blabbering on about how sick his affinity cyclone is, i dont know what to say. i find this amusing because i know this is not his bike. his bike would have original hutch bear traps (the ORIGINAL ones. yeah, they're HELLA OLD), a one off left hand drive paul crank (gotta rep chico...), a reverse threaded freewheel to a paul hub, and well.. that's not his size frame (his frame is size HUGE lol). empire state in the back, grime shirt- you have to admit this is pretty damn epic. joey! this is the PERFECT opportunity to steal this pic!

see you back in chico ted. i'm coming back in august- bring back one of those frames for me.

oh, and jordan misses you.


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Jordan said...

i do miss that guy! lol thanks jmik