Friday, February 12, 2010

ridiculously massive video post: part II, other stuff

"Just Another Day" | Mike Giant & Derick Montez from Justin Gallagher on Vimeo.

i've been a fan of mike giant way before rebel 8. i know, he gets alot of flack for exposing urban fixed gear cycling in his art but come on, the dude is an artistic genius who happens to ride a track bike. sometimes i forget how he's aging.

Tank Farm Tuesday from sean wallace on Vimeo.

man, those dudes in new zealand know how to do it right. i've never seen so much carbon/aluminum for a group ride 'round town. its great seeing dudes who still have their urban track machines over the ever growing fixed freestyle culture.

liverpool track skwad_bike check from kentLTS on Vimeo.

liverpool is the home of the beatles. LTS is from liverpool. they do a bike check. one...two... one... two?

CHEEEEEHOOOOOOOO THEM BOYS BE THIRST IN TEX-AR-KAAAAAANNNN-UH! congratulations on the sf based TCB courier dudes for winning all hail the black market x mission workshop's contest. the contest was to make a pretty good dedication to burt reynold's greatest movie: smokey and the bandit. shit came out great.

rahsaan bahati is a great guy straight out of compton. words cannot express what's going on in this video, you need to watch it. NEED TO.

JUNKUN Part 1 of 2 from on Vimeo.

JUNKAN Part 2 of 2 from on Vimeo.

bike snob just bashed on this. i like the bikes, but the vibe is too... BRO-ish. lol nah, in all seriousness, that's a hard thing to do. love the dude who wears a full on keirin outfit. it's great.

earsnot from Austin Peters on Vimeo.

apparently this is 2 years old, but i guess it re-emerged. interesting, yeah. inspirational, not so much. shoplifting to make a living isn't cool.

Rock n' Rollin get ready for Paris Roubaix from Greg Ros on Vimeo.

Rock'N'Rollin Paris Roubaix Teaser 1 from Greg Ros on Vimeo.

Rock'N'Rollin Paris Roubaix Teaser 2 from Greg Ros on Vimeo.

something epic is a'brewin' from France's own Rock'N'Rollin crew.that first video was like xmas. the second video was like heaven. the third video was HELL. O_O epic epic epic.

Rolling Hoods On tour - Episode 1 - Bike Polo from Thibault Liebenguth on Vimeo.

alot of people misinterpret the seriousness of bike polo as a legitimate sport- it's really hard, as well as hardcore. people check opposing players center court bu just plowing through them. it's fucking nuts. i dont know why i know this is a matt & kim song... why do i know that? i feel kinda ashamed of myself now...


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