Friday, February 12, 2010

the ridiculously massive video post: part one, trick stuff

Daniel Torres from Kenny Arimoto on Vimeo.

most of the time when people think about nor cal fixed geat they think of sj fixed and sf fixed, however, between both cities is peninsula fixed who has a very talented bunch of riders. plus they're close to world famous stanford university, which is featured in the edit.

Grime Edit. from Christian Musgrave on Vimeo.

when somebody told me that these grommets were 14, i was taken aback. well, some of it alot of people have seen before, but for the fact that they're half a decade younger than myself i have to give them their credit.

night sesh from Beaver on Vimeo.

doing tricks indoors is always fun. this one is only 2 minutes long but there are some fun moments in it. plus, you cant argue with the la bamba allusion with the lou diamond phillips version of one of ritchie valen's hits...

Trix Are For Kids from Adam Bolick on Vimeo.

when you think orlando, florida, you think: HOT. the fact that the first guy is wearing a jacket kinda surprised me. everyone on the east coast makes fun of californians because we thing 40 degree weather is cold. what about that dude? oh, and remember that prediction at the beginning of the year where i said slo mo is the new fisheye lens. furthering the prediction, my friend.

twisted spokes from 2020films on Vimeo.

caught you singing the song... you cant resist twisted sister. dee snider is actually a very intelligent dude. anyway, this edit features so cal heavy hitters marwin and congo. actually, right now i'm playing congo in a heated match of ipod/iphone words with friends. i dont want to toot my horn but...i'm hella smashing. sorry justin.

totally kickin' bro. from Kris *lockedcog* on Vimeo.

i'm in roseville more than i want to be. roseville is to sacramento as milpitas is to san jose. to outsiders that's hard to explain. in reality the park that the lockedcog crew is riding in this edit isnt that great in real life- it's hard to find lines, but hey they done did it. brosville...HAHAHAHAHA

with that out of the way

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