Friday, January 29, 2010

nike sb p-rod II 2.5 vulc: hope they will keep the solid shank...

i know i know, this is supposed to be a blog about bicycles not sneakers. however, the prod II.5 is a specimen that i'm rather interested in:
(via highsnob)
when the prod 2 came out the sole utilized a solid shank in the sole which made it ridiculously solid and durable without compromising board feel. but applying it to bikes, the goddamn thin was so clunky and fat that it couldnt fit into clips- it was a great shoe at the time, but i really wanted to experience it while riding.

now apparently, nike is running out of ideas so theyre putting vulc soles on every fuckin' shoe they have designed. this includes classic sneakers to the high end ones.  with the prod II.5 they give it that treatment and got rid of the ridiculously fat tongue (this i can agree with but taking away the fat tongue on the dunk low's was a bad idea). no word of of it will utilize the shank system, but i believe this will be one of the better sneakers to run on a bike.


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