Friday, January 29, 2010

starfuckers doubles

starfuckers_suede_strap_camo3 by starfuckers.
starfuckers_suede_strap_black3 by starfuckers.
starfuckers_suede_strap by starfuckers.
starfuckers_suede_strap_camo4 by starfuckers.
starfuckers_suede_strap_black4 by starfuckers.
starfuckers_suede_strap_camo2 by starfuckers.
starfuckers_suede_strap_black2 by starfuckers.
starfuckers_leather_strap by starfuckers.
(via starfuckers)
fresh from japan, starfuckers puts out their version of double straps. there are 2 versions, straight up leather and a 3 layer suede based strap. the triple layer one should (hopefully) be a great alternative to the ever so successful toshi doubles. if youre a fan of doubles, you know that toshis are unanimously THE BEST.  lets hope theyre hella good!


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