Thursday, January 28, 2010

ted shred circa 2008: 2 stair, pista concept. a retrospective of where the fixed gear is today.

so i recently found an image of my mentor and all around great guy ted shred that was taken in 2008 for a local publication in chico. now you have top remember, in 2008 alot of things we see in the fixed gear realm did not exist. first off MASHSF came out less than a year before and not alot of people were into fixed gear riding.

(via this guy's flickr)
the slider didnt exist. the only fixed gears were pretty much full on track bikes- there were no trick options. no one ran bmx style forks. hell, no one ran 26er forks. as you can see in the photo, risers weren't extremely popular, the only parts were high end parts. look at it- paul cranks, velocity deep v's (remember, back then all deep v's had brake surfaces!). people jumped shit with 23c's (chukkers didnt exist then). no handed trackstands were awesome. no handed skids were awesome. riding backwards in circles was a feat. trick track didnt exist. alot of popular names in fixed freestyle were out of mind. taylor dwight was 15. people believed the best FRS was leather doubles and metal clips. twitter didnt exist. alleycats were competitions among cycle couriers, they determined who knew the city best and who was goddamn fast. no one ever imagined doing 3 taps. people strapped on the highest gear ration they could and bombed hills.

times are a-changin', my friend, times are a-changin'.


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