Saturday, January 16, 2010

hella big video week recap post!

so all these things are piling up here so i may as well do it.

bode from alohafixed knows how to do big things. we havent seen a fixed gear donning pegs since mosher's wee little ones (tom, what happened to them btw?). at first i wanted to talk about how wide them bars are, but then i realized they were put to good use. watch it. i command you to.

now a little further down the pacific, MKM of the dudes at JAN mad provided this week's comic relief. watch :50.

holy shit. japan always has the sickest riders. not only is some dude already riding a gorilla, he's killing it on that gorilla. and some dude is doing fixed gear smoothies. SMOOTHIES. WTFFFF we're all still on sliders and fish and chips- SMOOOTHIES!?!?!?? if you dont know what a smoothie is, it's a slider without doing a cab. it's a front skid- and that's not easy at all. go. go outside and try it without doing a cab (fakie 180). fuhhhhhhh. too much going on here man... too much...

alot of people forget that america has a south coast. representatives of MKE and volume were there (AJ, and eric). oh, and THREE STAIRS! i think three stairs are fun, not too big (big=shit landings), not too small (small=suck); just the right amount of fun.

i saw cyclocross in action during the sf bike expo (unforunately i didnt see any geekhouse neon during the race) and my dad got a sudden interest in it. he thinks it makes sense since he is an avid mountain biker as well as a "wierd" roadbike enthusiast (the man owns a slingshot, he likes wierd things). i just sent him this vid. hope he likes dudes in neon spandex. ah geekhouse, you guys are awesome.

onto a race of another kind. this snow looks BRUTAL. there are times where i feel like "damn this is cold" and it's 32 degrees fahrenheit outside (0 celcius for the non-'merican viewers out there). that's nothing. california weather is nothing. we're all just a bunch of pussies when it comes to weather. at least i admit it.

damn that was alot.


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