Saturday, January 16, 2010

shadow conspiracy 2010, and an insight of bicycle economy

(via prolly)
i've always been a fan of the shadow conspiracy. they make almost indestructable parts, some of which are genius. not alot of people like it when a bmx company comes into the fixed gear game, but i for one find it qute interesting. i've always wanted an umbra seatpost due to the ideaology of easy adjustment (which it does just that). i know alot of people running ravager pedals over the odyssey's (apparently the ravager's are more popular down south from what i've heard). what really gets me however are the bars- these are the only things that cement in the mind that shadow is really aiming towards the fixed freestyle audience. the only options for a riser with a crossbar used to be 1)the dmr, 2)redline junior bmx bars (which looked funky on fixed gears for some reason), and most recently 3)the volume trickster. with shadow conspiracy releasing 4" and 2" risers (most likely at a competitive price dude to the popularity of risers with crossbars- hey, i even like them, and i dont usually say that about risers), the price of the volume tricksters will go down because competition brings competitveness naturally.

ah, bicycle economy is a great thing.


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