Thursday, December 31, 2009

gran royale lurker: pricepoint bar raised, eastern's rep down.

2010 is all about the pricepoint fixed gear. if you thought 2009 was
bad (think about it, there are people out there riding republic's
*shudder*), 2010 will be worse. take this pristine example:
(via granroyale)
with a name like that you may believe that this is a weird taiwanese brand. unfortunately, it's a subset of eastern bmx- surprised? other than the lurker, gran royale makes a cruiser bike (fail). from a bike with a bmx backround such as eastern's you would think that they would make a frame more directedtowards sixed freestyle. all i see is a 2008 se lager (bottle bosses and all) with an integrated head tube and seatpost with a 700cmx/26er fork- and isnt that what everyone ran before all those companies started making trick bikes? se lagers with 26er landing gears? sure the quality of the pricepoint fixed gear has gone up due to this, but damn, this is not an original idea neither is it something you should expect from eastern. but every bike company has their own attack on the game- i didnt like the leader TRK and i was hella wrong...


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