Friday, January 1, 2010

everyone says 2009 sucked, you said the exact same thing last year.

hello readers, i'm going to cut the crap and be honest here- i have no idea how 2010 is going to go. i'd like to thank all the readers out there who actually read this thing- the majority of you all are californians and it gives me great pride to see that people up and down my state are reading. in addition to that, i have had hits around the world- i'm actually big in japan, italy (thanks to difisso, get that website back up!), the UK, new zealand, and canada. it's kinda nuts considering that i'm a second year psychology student at chico state who squeezes in his spare time into a blog that is much like a small fish among big ass sharks. i dont consider it a competition, but i'm among heavypedal, lockedcog, prolly, pedalconsumption, wrahw, etc. and those guys really set a high standard.

it started last year (2009) when mosher and prolly started commented on what i was writing so i would like to thank both of them for making this blog happen. later on torey (hfwido) even found his way on to BHSK. though i made this blog in 2008, i never shifted it into fixed gear stuff until summer 2009.

i'd like to recognize chico's own ted shred for basically being the shit. if you dont know who ted is, then look for his 2005 bff video. yes, 2005. he's on the mashsf credits a billion times (okay, maybe like three). it's crazy how when i started out riding 2 odd years ago, i stumbled on his BFF entry and i'm pretty much his intern or something like that. big ups to the chico cycling community as well; not only the fixed gear riders, but the LBS's (recognition to the staff at chico B&B), the road heads, the dirt heads- chico is a cycling city, let's keep it that way!

I'd like to thank san jose fixed for not kicking me off the forums yet. i know i dont spent alot of time in san jose, but i grew up on the hills there. quimby, aborn, tully- those are my hills i used to bomb. same hills different machine. i'd like to thank mark c. of iMD and SJF for pretty much running the san jose fixed scene- san jose (and basically the whole bay area) is on the cycling map for a reason: the drome, mount tam (the disputed birthplace of mountain biking), sf, it's all there. What mark is doing is not only difficult but phenomenal. he juggles the store, the brand, sjf, all while keeping the peace between drome heads and fixed freestyle riders. i cant imagine how he does this shit. oh yeah, and im mad that iMD rims come polished now... f*ck.

i'd like to thank SE for creating the lager. it outlasted so many of my friend's bikes (even though it's a cookie cutter frame) and is still going strong. and it clears 35c's bitch.

props to my neighbor terrence and the eastside boys. kris, brownman, brandon (where the fuck are you?), andrew, ryan...all they talk about is bikes, booze, WOW, streetfighter, music, and stoges LOLBEAAAAST.

thanks to stevil kinevil of allhailtheblackmarket for interesting dialogue over twitter, and the plug for the shirt.

shouts to kassia meador for just being awesome and answering my email a while back. i never got to thank you aftet the bike check post, so thanks!

speaking of kassia, huuuuge props to gio and difisso. i dont think i would have gotten overseas if it werent for them. gio and i lost contact, but hey these things happen.

ups to mike giant for being mike giant. alot of people will probably think i'm a silly recent fan, but no- i've been a fan of his waaaaaay before rebel 8 AND his upperplayground work. yeah. seriously. if you can find the chico fixed gear contest flyer, then you'll see that i'm a big fan.

i'd like to say RIP to the BAHC movement- acutally, alot of hardcore music is gone nowadays. all you fucks are hipsters now and i hate it. you know who you are. i hope you look at yourseves in the mirror and tell yourselves thow much you sold out in 2010.

huge thank you for all the electronics companies who are making cheap ass hd cameras. now everyone is making edits and pushing the limits.

speaking of pushing the limits, the japanese need recognition. why? because you guys are fuckin' good at everything. EV-ER-EE-THANG? EV-UH-REE-THANG.

and finally thanks to mashsf, macaframa, and council of doom for making the trailers that possibly ruined my life.

i know i forgot some people, but i'm to chronic off energy drinks to mention you!

2010 is going to be shit. i bet you'll say that next year in 2011.



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