Thursday, December 31, 2009

congo is everywhere

this is congo:

he is afraid of his magic flying bike because it makes him do evil things. like this:

xup to fakie

famous congo air

one hand (tiregrab attempt?) to fakie

just your regular 11 stair.

failed tailwhip (on a side note, someone needs to land an actual tailwhip. remember wonka's attempt?)

look for more of congo in the near future, as you can see, he's got a thrasher signifying that he knows his way around bikes. and look out for DP2.

(all pics via gattphotos)

1 comment:

James Hsu said...

Hell yeah he is. His bike build is also ridiculous, I think he runs a 30t chain ring, on a 12 tooth cog. Giant fixed gear bmx bike basically.