Monday, November 23, 2009

damn... (a skateboarding rant)

Rad Collector - Supra in Paris
chad muska, what happened to you dude? you were the coolest dude to play in tony hawk. now youre just....a hipster? im not sure what to think of him- i havent seen him skate for days and the last remnants of him skating was the release of the skytop I. i dont understand the functionality of the sneaker either- ive seen terry kennedy skate his (extremely) high tops and even though they look silly looks like it serves function... muska on the otherhand, i havent seen him skate in a while. when i last skated, i ran nike shimizu dunk hi's. remember, those were my hype days- but i found function in them as well as the joy of breaking hypebeast necks and seeing the pain in their eyes but i digress. chad muska, what have you done? you used to be cool, and on the edge. in tonyhawk underground, you had an escalade and wore gangster-ish clothes. now you're a hipster. im sorry, chad. youre a sellout. (but tk is just awesome, i cant hate him.)


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