Monday, November 23, 2009

video post time: one from AZ, one from ITL, two from JPN.

something tells me leader is up to something with all these matt lingo edits. well im pretty sure it has to do with cog mag, but i think theyre trying to get at some marketing ploy. *shrug* terrence looks like he's got his sh*t together. plus he has a vagx bag, and i cant;s argue with that.

now that this thing is on part II, when does wonka go off and jump something massive? the anticipation is killing me.

that metal grate thing looks fun as hell. who knew 48 second edits were so gnarly.

usually shiba fridays have like 20-25 people... now it looks like a mob. tom and wonka are really blowing up japan. at :48 tom throws down a 360- a legit one... actually there's too much stuff to call out. just watch.


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