Tuesday, November 24, 2009


(via prolly)
wow, that's disturbing.

look at that. it's an exact copy. that's f*cked up. alot of people dont understand that holdfast is only a group of dudes, not a whole factory that's pumping 'em out. that's seriously shady sh*t. but if youre looking at the imitation straps gaoing: i might have to get on those- DON'T! if you had some sense in you, don't. why? because imitations are cheap, and the quality just isnt there. materials could be different, the sewing pattern as well- it's not the same. with the hold fast name on there, you can rest assured that if it fail, you know exactly who to blame (but it wont fail, because it's the sh*t- not a POS, the sh*t). so a reminder to all: dont buy imitations, support the hard working in the fixed gear community.


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