Wednesday, October 28, 2009

suzue is back.
(via UV)
early 2006, Suzue closed up shop. unfortunately, that was right before the fixed gear explosion. it was so sudden that suzue got rid of EVERYTHING (harris cyclery purchased hella right before they left the scene). their legacy was the suzue discos (well, everyone knows them as discos, you may know them as pro-max's), the carbon discos, and the "POS" eco hubs (i dont understand how they can produce such sh*t hubs)... in my i-D wheel build, the suzue discos were on my list. i have heard stories about discos being buttery (and they are! i look at my formulas in DISGUST!), and hella reliable. knowing that suzue closed up, it made me want them more.

this morning, Urban velo dropped a bomb on me. Suzue is back. so far, we know that discos are accounted for. the POS' and the CF's aren't confirmed yet. at $220 a pair, the price got a little steeper (my hub ran for $90 and is not the pro max sb. therefore the promax went up $20...) but enthusiasts wont care- SUZUUUEEEEESSS!!!


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