Wednesday, October 28, 2009

all city team ripping

i wish i could run an all city dropout- my se lager is still running great, but it's slowly but surely showing it's age. on my list of next frames, the dropout somewhere on there. lately, the all city team has been busy ripping the streets.

let's start with chris clappe AKA the butcher:
(via zlog)
the last time i was in seattle i believe i was 6 or 7. i believe seattle was the reason why i loved big cities as a kid. anyway, the butcher's setup is sweeeet. the wheel setups is similar to mine (high profile in back, regular looking wheel in front) too. in the first pic, you can see how much clearance the dropout has for a rear- chris' B43 looks like it has hella room! More @zach's flickr.

now we move on good old MLPS. mike carney and jesse hillard recently tore Minneapolis apart recently:

(via all-city)
there's some gnar sh*t coming from the MLPS crew. mike's 180 off a six stair (a long one if you ask me), jesse's rail jam- this stuff looks easy with the dropout. and it takes some mad abuse. unfortunately, jesse took a pretty bad spill. doesnt look that bad, but damn. there's blood. what really surprised me were the long johns. i need to invest in long johns. wonder if it affects riding capabilities.....

good stuff from the all city team


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