Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Japan vs CA roads

SF natives HELLAFLUSH posted an interesting post about japanese streets:
"I love Japan roads. I visit there twice a year, sometimes three times, and lots of times as I walk to get my breakfast or going for late night snacks, I come across road workers digging gigantic holes in sidewalks and roads and about 8 hours later the same hole is covered with no signs of that the place was being worked on. Amazing!

On Omotesando. One of the busiest streets in Tokyo / Harajuku Area.


On the corner of Omotesando X Meiji Dori


Here in California, on the other hand, its a whole different scenario as good old Caltrans does the worst possible job they can do at their job sites by putting 4″ metal plates with asphalt as glue to keep the plate from moving. They leave it there for about 2 weeks making the roads feel like driving your driving thru an off road course.

A common site in SF.


I guess you can say both love their jobs in different ways. One country works for perfection while the other works to keep their job.

Being Hellaflush really is a lifestyle decision one person makes no matter what the road conditions are. I sometimes wonder why I drive such low cars but at the same time I know deep down inside, its my style and like alot of you guys, it just feels right.

Check out the Odyssey and Estima in Japan. Two years ago, at Autosalon, the guys were telling me that Air Suspension wasn’t popular anymore and that people only drove with coilovers. They’d set it as low as possible and just drive. Knowing the roads in Japan, It’s definitely possible. In SF, however, you’d have to be crazy to drive thru 3rd street in something this low.


to start this off, if youve emailed me, you soon realize that my email is it's derived from the honda odyssey. i had an obession over that van. throw a kenstyle kit on there, a bumping system, and slam the sh*t out of it and you have a totally unexpected machine.. (yeah i know, i was young and stupid.)

anyway, mark from fatlace is completely right. caltrans does have issues with roads. i bottomed out on the buggernaut in san jose before- and that thing just below stock height! seriously, the japanese have it right. in california, you can tell you cross county lines because of how bad the roads are. i cant believe people run coils completely slammed in california.

that said, this can also appy to bicycles. i'm hella pro, so i dont really get pinchflats, but my cousin used to alwas get them whenever he hit a pothole or a severe crack in the road. the streets SUCK. if only caltrans ran like the guys in japan do. skidding would become and we wouldnt have to worry about bottoming out or pinch flats or dodging potholes.

just another reason why japan is awesome.


EDIT: another reason why caltrans sucks- the bay bridge incident. d*mn dude. youre going to f up the BUSIEST BRIDGE IN THE BAY? not only that, but the MOST EXPENSIVE PATCH JOB EVER? wow. california sucks.

EDIT II: no, socal just sucks.... HAHAHA jk.

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