Wednesday, July 8, 2009

the newest addition to my bicycle.

on monday i went on a 25+ mile ride with two buddies of mine and i found out that i my seat i stupid uncomfortable. my gooch area was in immense pain during the ride and the horrible san jose / milpitas roads didnt make it any better.  i have been looking for a new seat for quite some time and i finally got to it. i made my way to hyland family bikes and found the odyssey mike aitken and the odyssey senior pivotal. ive always wanted to put a pivotal seat on the bike beacuse of my experiences with them on bmx bikes- theyre super easy to adjust and quite light. however, if i were to get the senior (which is ridden by aaron ross, my favorite bmx rider) it would have to be the mexican blanket one to give my bike that rat rod feel. so i settled on the aitken seat. unfortunately, this isnt the one with the wolf on it:

much to everyone's dismay. it's the newer version:

the old school cross pattern sold me.  it's short and wont hurt my gooch, the padding was way better than the old one, and the vinyl material seems very durable. looking at reviews, it seems to be a great seat so expect a long term review up later on.


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