Wednesday, July 8, 2009

the apocalypse or the revolution. urban outfitters x republic bikes.

i've hated republic bikes for a while- sucks out the fun in searching for parts and perfecting a bike to specifications of the rider's own riding. they also make their bikes color matched to specification. but what irked me about republic was their ability of pumping bikes out like a factory line. where's the love? where's the history? sure my se lager was a mass produced frame but i knew that sucker was good enough to throw around because of the se name (i mean, look at hfwido's old ride before he got sponsored). i look at this and i see an object with a new comer brand logo slapped on. im not fazed.

as i was browsing my rss reader for the day i stubled on Prolly's blog which read: Urban Outfitters F41L? being up on my 1337 741k, i put 2 and 2 together- urban outfitters is selling something bike related. well it couldnt be as bad as when they started selling messenger bags and cycling caps and-OHHHHH NOOOOOO! THEYRE SELLING BIKES!!!!! i wanted to cry.

(via Prolly)
note how the url for the pic is :
my girlfriend told me urban outfitters is the root of all evil and now i am a believer. maybe im overreacting, but this hurts me deep inside. i looked at track specific bikes as bikes that are virtually inaccessible in stores- you can make a converted bike, but bikes with track dropouts were either expensive or extremely hard to find. now theyre on urban outfitters for $399? *sigh* well at least john has good things to say:

"It's kind of cool that "fixies" will be accessible and I'm GLAD they come with brakes. Just seems like all this snowballed so fast. But at the end of the day, bike culture is more important than car culture and people are going to, for the first time ever, ride a bike because it's cool and because it's transportation. That's what's most important. The cooler it is, or hipper, to ride bikes, the better off we'll all be!"

maybe he sees it in a better light: maybe this is a good thing. maybe it'll have the guitar hero effect: people will start picking up cycling after this bike. i mean, ive been running my downhill bike on trails since i got back to sj. maybe all the hipsters will break their bikes because of the bad quality of the high-ten steel and injure themselves (i imaging:"OH I SCUFFED MY BOOTS! THEY'RE LIKE, A PART OF ME!"), and sue urban outfitters using their parent's money. then urban outfitters will go out of business and we'll all be living in a better world.

hellspeed, and listen to metal.

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