Wednesday, July 8, 2009

dvs x keirin cycles sneakers: the sneakers god had made.

as many of you found out, i love sneakers- especially skate sneakers. before i got into nike sb, i had a small collection of DVS sneakers. DVS has made a big influence on me (as silly as it sounds) i skated berra 3's till they had holes in them (sole and toebox), then i got a pair of revivals which were so good that i bought a pair for my dad (and i skated those to a pulp, and back when dvs had a wakeskating team, i sported milans. when i heard about the diamond collabo- i almost fainted, because ive been riding diamond hex bolts since the start. well now that im into bikes and stuff, here they are

via keirincycles
based on DVS' rico CT, this is THE riding shoe. kevlar like mesh, reinforced stitching, a rubber toebox (made with dvs' nutzo materal that never ever wears out unless youre busting tre flips everyday which i doubt), reflective tab, and vulcanized sole- i have dreams about this shoe. DVS, if youre listening- this is your biggest fan speaking. PLEASE OH PLEASE MAKE THIS A GR (general release) OR AT LEAST PUSH A PAIR IN MY GENERAL DIRECTION.


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