Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the next great thing

yesterday was cesar chavez' birthday. unfortunately, people took it as an excuse to drink. i was offended- it became core of a celebration of general mexican-ness than an insight to one of the greater americans of recent generation. hell, i cruised downtown and i couldnt be more offended; i saw misspelled chaves, ceaser, caesar, chave shirts, girls wearing mexican colors, people out in the streets OBLIVIOUS to chavez' legacy. this certainly hits close to home especially because he finished what the filipino americans had started during the delano grape strike in '65. He revolutionized the working conditions of farm workers, and was a storm of protesting. thank you cesar, for uniting mexican americans and filipino americans in the UFW (something that hadnt been done since the spanish took over both mexico and the phillipines, tying us together in brotherhood), for utilizing the structure of mahatma ghandi as well as MLK Jr., and for representing the great state of California.

now onto lesser great things- not as great as cesar, but great regardless.

dc shoes has had a close relationship with se bmx bikes

this is the pk ripper looptail, classic sh*t. murdered out along with black skyways highlighted by gray decals. looptail: as classy and fly as a mother f*ckin bowtie of Mr. T. NOS style crankset in BLACK? f*cking re dic u lous.

then there is the quadangle. again flat black, with classic looptail, classic quadangle geometry- a combination of lightness and structural ingenuity. the BEST retro freestyle flatland machine.

this is the next installment of the dc x se collabos. in BLACK AND POLISHED! HOLY SH*T. LOOPTAIL. LANDING GEAR FORK. VELOCITY WHEELS: STOCK. THE BRAND NEW SUGINO "FIXIE" SYSTEM (i hate that word, fixie). SUGINO MESSENGER /W 75 CRANKS. RISERS /W OURY GRIPS. ANODIZED HUBS. AND WHAT I WANT THE MOST: THE OLD SCHOOL STYLE PK RIPPER RACING SEAT. i really dig it. i'll sell my bike for this sh*t. i dont care if it's a collabo. this sh*t is SWEET. HELLA SWEET. i seriously want to see tenured tarcksters (as much as i dislike them) RIPPING (no pun intended)

im f*cking pumped. its a great day outside.... i have a feeling im going to be riding my bike all day today.

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