Sunday, April 5, 2009

it's laundry day

i do enjoy the fact that my bike is an SE, dont get me wrong- it's not really an SE, its a S(fuji)E, but an SE regardless. however it's a really basic frame. it's too versatile for my liking. fender supports, brake notches, bottle cage braze ons. hell, i have 2 friends that have bike that look strikingly similar to the lager. it's just flat black with a ritchey logo'd headset (mine is a ritchey generic looking headset). i dont have anything against their rides, but when you have a no name frame- things start to become a little sketch as to what lies under the paint. but ith the flat black frames they had, the setup was the same; fenger supports, bottle cage braze ons, etc. does that make my frame cheap? hmmm.... well it has a sweet paint job though- lets face it, brown is hella baller.

but it got me thinking. if i were to have another frame or another set up, what would it be? well first of all it has to be close to my current set up: simple, non flashy and non hype driven. through my flurry of rss reading ive come across many contenders. take a looky here:

this is sexy- welds nicely smoothed out, crazy beautiful geometry, aero rear legs- it's classy. it's italian. alap on some polished aero wheels and youve got a serious serious ride. but me being me, i would put red and white vinyl stripes (STRAIGHT UP VAN HALEN BIAAAAATCH). sucks that it's nameless though....

then there are leader frames, yeah i  know theyre cheap, but they seem to be good enough for those guys who bomb hills and make videos about it so im assuming it's really good.

again, my dumb ass would van halen the sh*t out of it (im guessing this is going to be a recurring thing) hell, it's way cheaper than a pista concept. which brings me to THE PISTA CONCEPT:

the bicycle equivalent of the italian super car: performance and strikingly good looks. it's nice, but its way too expensive for my taste. no one in their right mind would van halen this thing out. it's like how nigo from the BAPE fame put camo all over his bentley: WAY TOO HYPE.

since we're on to track specific geometry bicycles, lets go on to the a brand im a little closer to: fuji. more specifically the fuji track pro.

this is nice. i like it. of course if i had my way, i'd strip it from all it's fuji labeling and slap on SE racing monikers.i mean how bad ass would an SE P.K. TRACKER logo look like on the side. furthermore, instead of saying landing gear on the forks, it would say speed gear.... but then, it's just a fuji under an SE skin- like the rest of the current SE products =\

recently, i have become fond of a certain frame: the cannondale track. here's one thats built

i would have to say that this would be the one i would get. i love the slight pursuit look. i love the welds. i love the silhouette. it's a great looking frame. and now that connondale is closing up shop in america and moving to taiwan (which it really unfortunate, because i grew up looking up to their quality), it makes these things alot more sought after.

so what did we learn today? BUY AMERICAN, AND DONT BE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. sh*t i have no idea what the hell im talking about.


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