Monday, April 13, 2009

the decline of western civilization: part I,II,III, and potentially IV

the decline of western civilization is a collection of documentaries that depicts the early punk, heavy metal, and late 90s hardcore punk scenes. i have seen only part two, but it really opened my eyes as to how these people lived. and then it occurred to me- there needs to be a part IV. part I was filmed around 1980. part II was filmed around 88. part III was filmed around 98. so i believe that there should be another part- part IV about hardcore metal. there's enough stuff in the scene to elaborate a whole documentary on: scene kids, straight edge, screaming, people who take the craft too seriously...etc. it just makes sense..... in addition to that, another idea to the decline of western civilization can possibly be what is considered modern music. hipsterisms, and electro poppyness, and the unmistakeable sound of auto tune.... that makes sense.

whatever. just a thought.

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