Monday, April 13, 2009

football season is over.

let's start out with:woah
some dude on sjfixed found a straight up HELLA BUTTERY ASS FRAME. and for 152+35 dollars for shipping is a steal.

im listening to the bring me the horizon album (suicide season) again, and i have to say that it's really interesting how the european as well as australian bands i like are really similar. on this album jj from deeznuts and former drummer of i killed the prom queen makes an appearance in a song called "football season is over". that collabo kills me- im a sucker for jj's shit... i think deez nuts readily links hardcore with hiphop, and with the BMTH collabo, it only comes to prove that 1) the euro-australian connection is strong and 2) it is possible to connect hiphop with rock without having it sound like nu-metal shit. i hate nu-metal. what the f*ck is nu-metal...anyways...

deez nuts also covered the beastie boys' fight for your right btw.

It Ain't That Serious. from open bicycle on Vimeo.

this was just posed on prolly's blog. id have to day that the monkey dismount to dollar throwing rolling mount was the sickest thing ive ever seen. alot of macaframaesque stuff and i think a tribute toone of the best skate vids of recent times that isnt yeah right or nothing but the truth or skate more: lakai's fully flared intro.

i have nothing else to say.

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