Wednesday, March 4, 2009

to affinity and beyond (18 years old)

this is why i dont do tricks on my bike or dont throw it off ramps. though i do like the intro song. it samplesthe song from willy wonka. i love that movie. the old one. but i still believe the scariest thing ive seen in my life is agustus gloop getting sucked up that tube. ive had dreams where i was in agustus' place. scary stuff.

today's my girlfriend's birthday. happy birthday to her <3 she would say "happy birthday to you too" i dont understand her sometimes but i love it. its cute. i need to take her out to lunch sometime.

rode my bike today for the first time in a while. was great. a little nippy though. im just glad it's not raining and i dont have to keep my bike inside. unfortunately my ride was to see how much would it cost to have an extra soma everwear around and turns out there's none @ my shop (chico B&B, i say my because i go there more than any other shop). well that blows. so im going to just run it till it blows. no need to be using money for that anyway (well yet).

there, i saw mike's pursuit affinity. it's so bitchin. apparently by bike is gaining attention- i didnt know se lagers were that cool. for the longest time mike and icecream were looking at my bike and the affinity. man my bike isnt that great.... that affinity is a CUSTOM PURSUIT FRAME with RED VELOCITIES, and PHIL HUBS. hell it has TWO SETS OF OURY GRIPS and SUGINO MESSENGERS. i cant top that.

anyway, the ride was okay. not strenuous, but okay. im going to sum this up right now. gonna get some grub or something

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