Saturday, February 28, 2009


i woke up and literally couldnt get out of bed. my legs felt like they were being stabbed because of the soreness. lunges on thursday and a critical mass yesterday had my legs pulverized into jelly. it was also hard to sleep last night for some reason. i didnt crawl into bed until 3 in the morning. all while listing to tokyoskapara.

russell brand is gonna have comedy central special. siiiiick.

anyways, my gf calls me in the morning and i find that shes in livermore. she wanted to buy me a vintage camera. thats cool and all but i need to become familiar with my film slr first i guess. plus. id rather have her spending money on herself rather than on me.

i met some cool dudes at the critical mass. the route wasnt that cool- but it was fun weaving through people going at 3 mph. i saw 2 leader track bikes, and one leader road bike, a dude in full on race uniform on a single speed, a hipster dude on a windsor hour who seemed like he didnt know what he was doing, ted was there with tattooseth's old ride (for sale i think) and he rode his crazy cool affinity with those crazy sawblade pedals and wood velocities, there was a guy with a sailor hat who yelled at some bros at the tropicana house (shit was hilarious), there was a guy riding a fixed gear with BOOTS on (WTF BOOTS?), there was a dude with a harmonica, a dude with a radio. anyways. it was fun

i called my mom today just to see how she was doing and the first thing she asked me was "WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME? DO YOU NEED MONEY?"
i love my mom.

i cruised my rss reader and it got me essited. nike sb is coming out with it's third custom series which includes my fav am skater: j brock. the series is going to sick because it shows that nsb is basically coming back with cleaner colorways (not that 720 shit, or that space tiger shit)
jbrock: dunk mid

daryl angel: dunk low ( reminds me of the screaming hand.)

clark hassler: blazer hybrid premium (hybrid? im not sure what that means)

grant taylor: (blazer SB elite)

i actually like this pack alot. the colors are smooth and each has it's own style.

another thing i'm essited for is the mash cinelli. there's absolutely no way im going to get one but i still love it.

its like a b&w regular cinelli with the benny gold logo and NO BRAKE MOUNTS ALL AROUND. it's sick. i think it would be a phenomenal velodrome contender with the right parts. OH and the frame set is cheaper than the normal vigorelli! WHAT? hahahaha its still 850$.


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