Friday, February 27, 2009

i would like to take a moment to acknowledge....

ska. yes ska. the farthest thing from metal or hardcore (well not really), but i have a soft spot for ska. ever since i first heard early no doubt (yes i remember trapped in a box) and sublime, ska has left an impact in my life. whenever i stray away from hiphop or hardcore or whatever i listen to, i always end up at ska. it's wierd. and it has led me to great music. i mean think about it: ska is just another branch in the tree.

lets start at the top- traditional african music. of course due to slavery it end up in the islands near the americas. this introduces the guitar and bass from spanish and french influences. then the horns come stright from orchestra's of europe. then the handmade intruments come in from all these influences (steel drum bongos etc.) from this, there is reggae and traditional carribean styles. from reggae there's dancehall, mento, roack steady, and of course ska. then something nuts happened. the specials happened. their cover of toot's and the maytals' monkey man singlehandedly changed the face and tone of ska. it was stupid sped up. it had background solo. it growled and snarled.

here's toots and the maytal's version

here's the specials' version

the specials came at a time where punk started making a prominence. and honestly, i still consider it as punk rock. listen to little bitch- it has the monotone english angsty voice, it has the guitar, it has the ridiculous lyrics, it has the dude yelling nonesens "ONE TWO!". it's just slappy happy sounding.

i digress, the specials made way for early ska punk. this means the toasters. they paved the way for the punk ska dudes in the 90's (i love early ska because of the "PICKITUPPICKITUPPICKITUP" element) i cant find a proper clip. but just trust me.

then there was the 90's punk ska movement. most paid homage to early ska bands and covered other bands.

reel big phish_ monkey man

save ferris_ some on eileen

little bitch (jersey vid)_ big d and the kids table

one of my favorite ska bands doesnt come from america or europe. they come from japan. tokyo ska paradise orchestra. theyre straight up ska minus punk. formed in 85. theyre have hella people in the band. usually they do only instrumentals but sometimes they get famous personnel to sing for them (of course from japan)

hazamu rhythm /w puffyamiumi

hoshi furu yoru ni /w hiroto koumoto
(i love this song.)

star of sapphire /w chara

usikushiku moeru mori /w okuda ta
(memorized that song)

lupin the third


in other words, ska is a big part in my life. and where ever my musical taste goes, im sure ska will follow me.

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