Wednesday, November 19, 2008

scattered thoughts

gwar is in town. but im saving my money for black friday. i needs me some new vans for riding because the barcos dont cuts it no more. i cant wait to see everyone again. im leaving chico on friday, which sucks because im gonna have to drive home while my dad sleeps. as long as i get me some food and a rockstar or something im good. i streched my ears from 8g to 4 g yesterday. it hurt like hell but now im ok. i have alot i have to do by the end of the week. not fun. but i guess i just have to make sacrifices. i need to wash my bike. its getting dirty. found out today that i have 7.30 dollars on my craig card. nothing but the truth makes me want to skate and jump off of stupid sh*t.

too many scattered thoughts

so im gonna be chillin with my cuponoodles and a split between kid n play, duke nukem, and ghengis khan.


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FixiePixie said...

Yes, I will send some to you, kindly send $1 to my paypal for postage. Thanks!

Calvin C